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Get with the Programme

Get with the Programme

Paul Jeater6 Jun - 14:53
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Next Season’s matchday programme

The new league season may still be a couple of month’s away but
I’m beginning to plan next season’s match day programme.

Last season started with 28 pages and ended with 36 pages. Obviously all football programmes have content but need to have adverts that bring revenue into the club.

But I’d really like to know :

1. What bits of the programme did you like ?

2. Were there any that you didn’t enjoy ?

3. Were there features or aspects of the club that you’d like to see more about ?

4. Are there things that you’ve seen in other programmes, that you think we should include ?

Any other thoughts you’d like to share - please email me at

Many thanks

Paul Jeater
Wroxham Programme Editor

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